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Description:   Chameleon is a secure file encryption application that hides your files from anyone that monitors your emails, personal files even hard disk. More and more SPY software is being used; You need to be sure that files containing sensitive information are kept safe.
There is no Electronic Privacy, especially on the Internet.
Any want can now with little knowledge of hacking can easily intercept your emails or scan your hard drive without your knowledge or consent.
By using the Chameleon application on your files, you can email anything you like without your attached files being revealed! Hide your most secret files with Chameleon, download or upload your hide files on a Server at the Internet.
Chameleon is so strong not even a Server can find if your file hides something else inside.
Chameleon allows you to hide files (all types of files), directory files by compressing (WinZip v1.0), encrypting (Double 128 bit Blowfish encryption fast algorithm (ASM)) on the fly, scrambling them and then attaching them to the host files of your choice. This Chameleon file then looks and behaves like a normal file, and can be stored, used, upload/download or emailed without attracting attention.
There is also additional security for your Chameleon files by inserting a 40 character Password.
You can even hide Chameleon files in a Chameleon file.
Example 1.
You could create a music file (MP3) that looks and behaves exactly like any other music file but contains inside
some video files and some pictures. Upload the to your website and share them with your friends.
Your friends must use Chameleon to get the hide files; Maybe use of a password would be appropriate.
Example 2.
You could create a picture file that looks and behaves exactly like any other picture file but contains a Word document that would not attract attention if discovered.
The ways you can use Chameleon is unlimited.
Chameleon is compatible with Windows 9x/ ME/ SE/ NT/ XP/ 2000.

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